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Other Services

Radiological Services
Seven (7) Trained Professionals, including a Radiologist. One (1) functional x-ray machine bought in the 70s. Old and breaks down often. Spare parts are unavailable. It has already over-spent its economic life. Efforts are on to acquire a new x-ray machine before the end of the 2nd quarter of 2006.

Laboratory Services
The department has 15 Medical Laboratory scientists and could offer all the laboratory services but they are hamstrung by obsolete and dilapidated equipments. The management has finalized arrangements to install modern laboratory equipments viz. auto analyzer etc by 2nd quarter 2006.

Albeit, offering rehabilitative services to patients and having five trained Physiotherapists, the department does not have the basic physiotherapy equipments. The equipments in the department are obsolete and cannot be reactivated because of non-availability of spare parts. The Management Board and the Hospital Management has launched a Partner for Life Project to, among other things, invite philanthropists to assist in reviving the Physiotherapy department.

Mortuary Services

The hospital offers dry embalmment services on 24 hour basis.

Ambulance Services
24 hours ambulance services.

Pharmaceutical Services

Clinic and General Medicine

Residency Program

Nursing Services

School of Post Basic Nursing